About Us


By constructing a value system that focuses on “goodwill”, we can contribute towards building a better world.
We at Invite Japan believe that human beings fundamentally act out of goodwill. When this instinct to do good is stimulated, the world will dramatically improve. By creating the proper framework within society for this to happen, we can therefore contribute to making the world a better place. In Japan, the post-war generation rebuilt Japanese society from the ashes. Taking the culture and traditions that had been passed down for generations, they added to this foundation the ideals and institutions that were necessary to enter a new era. Today all of us stand on the shoulders of what that generation has built. The question before us now is what ideals and values we are adding for the benefit of future generations to come. It is therefore important to make the most out each moment in the present, so that we can move together towards a brighter future. Our mission is to construct a path towards valuing goodwill in society. By doing this, we will contribute towards bettering society for future generations.


We wish for everyone to have the capacity to create new ideas, and the courage to implement them.
Many times when we come up with a great idea, we keep it bottled inside. But in order to realize these ideas we have to take action on them, and in order to take action we have to express these ideas out-loud so that we can think through how to implement them. When we make people around us feel happy, we feel happy too. That is why we at Invite Japan seek to make others happy by helping them express new ideas and ways of thinking.

Value and Principles!

Trust in yourself and others, work together, welcome diversity, act resolutely, and keep growing.
Our company is composed of a variety of different nationalities working together. Our mother languages are different, the cultures we grew up in are different , and our religious faiths are different. And yet, our basic nature and characteristics as human beings don’t really differ. Out of this diversity, original thoughts are exchanged, the status quo is challenged, and we are able to produce new systems and new ideas by combining our various strengths and skills. Inasmuch as we aren’t completely satisfied with the way things are, we know that things will get successively better. Likewise, our customers and clients come to us not just from Japan but from all over the world as well. Despite their different nationalities, all of them are able to enjoy our challenges and puzzles, and to work together on teams.