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Boost global productivity by fostering happy work environments

Since 2015, Invite Japan has provided a unique blend of experience and expertise that you will not find anywhere else. The headquarters of our company is located in Tokyo, Japan, but we organize team building events, activities, and workshops throughout the country.

A variety of companies rely on us to provide top-tier quality team building events each year. Our clients can expect an exciting, engaging, memorable experience–whether the event is held in person or online. They also know that a local bank group or school event will always receive the same concierge-level service that we provide for our other major clients like Google, Nike, Adobe, Amazon, and LVMH, just to name a few.

Invite Japan
Our Mission

We strive to be the most innovative, inclusive, and globally-minded team building company in Japan.

Our distinctively diverse team is composed of members from different countries, backgrounds, ethnicities and cultures. This diversity guides the creation, design and implementation of our programs and activities. And it helps us in our efforts to inspire inclusivity and creative thinking on teams, no matter the languages or backgrounds of their members.

We push the boundaries of innovation. We value the development of new skills and perspectives. We seek new ways to transmit team building principles. We explore new avenues to adapt our activities and workshops to a rapidly changing world. Our outlook as a company helps us stay globally-oriented, and focused on creating a bright and vibrant future for all through teamwork.
Our Vision

We Want to Help All Teams, All Over the World, to Recognize Their Uniqueness and to Use Their Diversity to Break Through Limitations

Each team has their own unique gifts and their own individual personalities and strengths. Realizing what makes your team special will give you the tools to succeed and grow together.

Through our bilingual team building programs and activities, we seek to foster better understanding and communication within teams, which helps to draw out their inner power and achieve their potential. And it is our goal to be able to reach all teams, no matter where they are from or what languages they speak.
Core Values

Trust, Teamwork, and Diversity: Believe in the Power of Your Team and Anything is Possible.

A core belief here at Invite Japan is that teams can achieve remarkable things when members work together. The right environment is key. Teams that actively create an environment of trust, prioritize teamwork, and welcome a diversity of ideas are more capable of actualizing their goals and fulfilling their potential.

These core values inspire us in our work as creators, designers and facilitators. We hope to spread these values to your team, in order to fully harness your unique strengths in sustainable and meaningful ways. We will work with you to make sure all your needs as a team are met, and to help you create an environment that allows all your team members to flourish.
Our Purpose
We are passionate about helping your team achieve success by designing memorable team building activities that will bond the unique individuals of your organization together and devising opportunities for greater communication. We focus on the needs of your team, and ensure you have everything you need to make your event successful, from start to finish.

As Japan’s only fully bilingual team building company, our activities have been crafted to overcome boundaries of language, nationality and ethnicity. We create our programs to draw out your team’s special characteristics, and to make all members more comfortable and open with each other as they work together towards a common goal.
IJ Team

Our Story

Founded in 2015 by Atsuko Yamada, Invite Japan began as an escape room facility in Asakusa, with the goal of bringing people together and forging stronger relationships. Realizing the potential of combining high-quality puzzle games with team building, our company expanded into designing puzzle-based team building activities and training workshops for organizations, companies and schools in Japan.

Our company changed again during the coronavirus pandemic, shifting away from escape rooms and towards online programs, dispatch indoor puzzle games, and outdoor scavenger hunts for both teams and individuals. Through the many changes, we have stayed true to our goal of bringing people together through puzzles, fun and laughter. And we continue to maintain our high standards of quality and customer service as we seek to push the boundaries of what team building can do ever further.

Our CEO Message

We want to build an experience where EVERYONE–Japanese and non-Japanese, male and female, old and young–can overcome these artificial boundaries in order to work, learn, and have fun together!

Look, touch, feel, think, take action.

Real experience is the key to stimulating genuine human emotions and creating life-long memories.

Our leading team of creators, planners and innovators develop fun team building projects shaped around the Five Live Experiences for families, friends, couples, corporations and large organizations. (*See “Five live experience activities” for details.)

Tourism is a popular topic in Japan. As more and more people visit, an increasing number of foreign companies are expanding into the country.

Corporate leaders urgently need to activate communication and team-bonding that goes beyond basic differences of nationality, language and culture.

If you are searching for experienced, reliable service that caters to the distinct needs of multinational teams, look no further. Our staff of Japanese and international professionals (who collectively speak 6+ languages) is uniquely qualified to provide high quality service to anyone and everyone. Our attention to detail and emphasis on the Japanese concept of omotenashi are just some of the reasons why we consistently receive five-star ratings and enthusiastic, positive feedback.

Whether you are visiting our comfortable facility in Asakusa, Tokyo, or participating in one of our many other customized programs, we provide an engrossing experience like nothing else. You will spend your time focusing on the immersive fun of problem solving with those around you who matter most. You and your comrades will attain that supremely satisfying “AHA!” moment together.

We invite you to experience this moment with us.

Founder & CEO
Invite Japan, Ltd.