NAOS JAPAN Boosts Their Team Bonding and Problem-Solving Skills with Invite Japan’s “Suitcase Mystery: Classic”

suitcase mystery classic with NAOS Japan

We are proud to have been a part of NAOS Group’s kickoff meeting with our indoor team building activity, “Suitcase Mystery: Classic.” NAOS Group, a well-respected skincare company known for its three main brands Bioderma, Etat Pur, and Institut Esthederm, entrusted us, Invite Japan, with enhancing their team building experience. 

During the puzzle-based team building game, team members developed their problem-solving skills, communication, and a sense of unity as they worked together towards a common purpose. It was a fun and impactful team building event that brought the team closer together, and set the tone for a successful year ahead.


suitcase mystery classic

The main objective of the team building activity was to provide a fun and engaging platform for employees to work together, and achieve a common goal. The team building activity was also aimed at boosting team bonding and improving problem-solving skills.

Another objective of this activity was to encourage deeper communication and mutual understanding among team members by reflecting on the topics of trust and feedback culture in an enjoyable and interactive setting outside of the normal work environment. This case study will delve into the details of NAOS JAPAN’s team-building journey and its impact on their company culture and teamwork.

The Activity:

suitcase classic activity

Invite Japan organized “Suitcase Mystery Classic” for NAOS Group, a puzzle-based team building game that requires employees to work together to solve a mystery contained within a suitcase. The game was designed to challenge team members’ problem-solving and communication skills, as well as to foster a sense of achievement and teamwork.

Highlights from the activity:

  •  In total, there were 34 participants split into 7 groups, all of whom worked together and collaborated with each other on their teams.
  • NAOS JAPAN successfully held the “Suitcase Mystery Classic” team building activity and workshop in conjunction with their kickoff meeting at the same venue.
  • As a result of the Suitcase Mystery Classic activity and workshop, team members bonded and honed their teamwork skills in a fun and interactive environment.
  • During the activity, several employees utilized their unique skill sets to solve the various puzzles. The group was highly effective in their communication and actively listened to each other, allowing them to promptly resolve any challenges.
  • The workshop featured a discussion-based activity featuring various pictures, allowing team members to talk about and share their “visions” of trust and feedback culture. This activity led to a productive discussion about how to incorporate these two concepts into their team in better ways.

The Outcome:

a team celebrating after solving a puzzle

The “Suitcase Mystery: Classic” and workshop were a huge success, with employees thoroughly enjoying the game and discussion and participating actively in both. The activity was praised for its fun and engaging format, which helped employees bond and work together towards a common goal. Moreover, it helped to improve team members’ problem-solving and communication skills, which will impact their daily work and improve their overall performance.

Quick facts:

  • NAOS JAPAN provided highly positive feedback
  • The team expanded their  communication and collaboration skills, in both the game as well as in the discussion portion of the workshop.
  • The relationships and engagement among members showed a noticeable improvement.


Invite Japan’s “Suitcase Mystery: Classic” plus workshop  was an excellent choice for NAOS Group, as a way  to enhance their team bonding and improve problem-solving skills among employees. The activity was well-received by all participants, who thoroughly enjoyed the challenge and teamwork involved in solving the mystery. The team building activity was a great success, with employees, who left the activity with a sense of accomplishment and improved communication and problem-solving skills.

The workshop and discussion around trust and feedback culture was also highly successful, allowing team members to share their ideas openly and communicate honestly. It also created an effective environment for the team as they continued with their internal discussions during the rest of the day and beyond.

NAOS Group is looking forward to working with Invite Japan again in the future, and we believe that this team building program has laid the foundation for a stronger and more cohesive team.

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