Online End Of the Year Parties: Ideas to Spice Up Your Virtual Celebrations

It’s hard to believe that yet another year is drawing to a close. This part of the year always comes with a tinge of sadness. But to compensate, part of the fun of the end of the year is all the parties that take place, and the chance to celebrate all your accomplishments with friends and coworkers.  

Large end of the year parties (bonenkai in Japanese) are a steadfast tradition here and are generally a good way to provide teams with a sense of unity. This year, however, large company parties may again be out of the running. You might also have remote or hybrid teams that just simply can’t travel all the way to meet up with each other. 

As remote work and hybridity continues to become the norm, teams will need to find ways of connecting together at the end of the year that involve more virtual rather than in-person partying. 

Virtual end-of-the-year and new year’s parties are a great way to celebrate your team’s accomplishments and solidify team unity heading into the new year. So with this in mind, we have created a list of suggestions for some fun and safe activities that your team can use. 

These activities are perfect for supplementing your online drinking party or another event that you have planned. They can be used as ice breakers, or just simply to add some more fun and excitement to whatever virtual event you have planned.

No matter what you choose to use them for, these games are a great way to get your team to communicate, have fun and grow closer together.

Word Sniper Game 

In this game, players have to find an item in their house that starts with a certain letter within the allotted time limit. Players then present their item to the rest of the group. For example, if the letter is “n” players might find a “napkin” or a “necklace”. Of course, the game is more interesting when players choose more unusual objects (e.g. “nunchucks”). This is a great game for learning about each others’ hobbies.

Picture Scroll Quiz

For this game each player will need a pen and notepad. Each round, one player draws a picture on their notepad. The rest of the players then have to guess what that player drew. Don’t use the internet to look up what to draw. Also, you can use a virtual whiteboard application for this game to make things easier (and to get players to flex their online tech skills). Our company really loves using MIRO, which we use for our online team building activities too. 

Team Match Game

In this game, players respond to a question or prompt by writing down their answer on a notepad. The goal of the game is to match your answer to the question with as many of your teammates as possible. For example, if the question is “What’s a classic Japanese food?” you could respond with “sushi” or “ramen” etc. If more people write down “sushi” than any other answer, then those players who wrote down “sushi” are the winners. You can also have multiple teams competing against each other too. 

“What’s This?” Super Close-Up Game  

Each player secretly chooses an item. The player whose turn it is first shuts off their screen’s video. While their video is off the player places their item super close to the camera. Then when they turn on their camera again, the rest of the players have to guess what the item is. If players can’t figure it out, the player whose item it is can give them hints, or move their item to a better angle. 

Online Puzzle-Solving Game

We’ve saved the best for last. Because of the growth in remote work and virtual meetings, Invite Japan created a puzzle game that is completely online. “Tabitantei” is a great activity for remote teams that need a fun way to finish off the year (or celebrate a new one). Tabitantei takes players on an exciting adventure across Japan, where they visit world-famous sites in Sendai, Asakusa and Yokohama all from the comfort of their PCs. Tabitantei can also accommodate teams of 60 plus players.

Conclusion: Make your online parties extra special this year

Just because another end-of-the-year party is online doesn’t mean it has to be boring. We introduced you to a bunch of fun and easy ways to add some fun and excitement to your virtual events. We also highly recommend ordering come catered food and drinks for your team and eating it together. This makes everyone feel special and included.

However you choose to celebrate the end of the year and the new year with your team, we hope you try to make it special. People need team building and extra encouragement now more than ever before. So let’s end the year right and start the new year off on the right foot!

Invite Japan has a variety of online and face-to-face activities that are perfect for end of the year and new year events. For more information about these activities or consultation about your event, contact us as soon as possible.

Turn your online parties into exciting team building activities with Tabitantei!

Photo by Kristina Evstifeeva on Unsplash

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