Osaka Team Building Events & Activities

If you are a team leader who’s looking for better employee engagement in search of team building activities, we can help you make everything a lot easier.

Osaka Team Building Experience

Osaka, the heart of the Kansai region, is known for being a relaxed city with a culture of curiosity and openness. Japan’s second megacity is also famous for its amazing street food among, and along with the buzzing, tourist and food-stall-filled area of Dōtonbori, Osaka is also home to the oldest Buddhist temple in Japan, the Shitennō-ji, and the world-famous Osaka castle. Like Tokyo, Osaka is a city full of contrasts, and this variety makes Osaka a great location for both outdoor and indoor events. Invite Japan has created successful custom team building events in many cities all over Japan, including outdoor scavenger hunts, as well as indoor team building programs. Osaka is a unique city that will make a fun and memorable place to hold any type of team building event.

Corporate Team Building Events in Osaka

The metropolitan area of Osaka offers many choices in regard to team building activities and events. Our corporate events in Osaka are designed to make use of the city’s unique flair, and incorporate the rich culture and cool sights which make Osaka such a popular city. With more than five years of experience creating and hosting corporate events in Japan, we will plan an exciting team building event for you and your group and make sure that it will be an entertaining experience that will strengthen team bonds and make a lasting impact on your individual team members and your organization.

As a choice for team building events, Osaka is unique. The diversity of locations that are well suited for team building events ensures that there are always plenty of locations to pick from to suit the individual needs of your team. Whatever it is, we will make sure that your company has the perfect event in Osaka.

Osaka Castle

Fun Outdoor, Indoor, and Online Activities

Invite Japan offers a wide variety of options for team building programs in Osaka. Do you want to stay indoors? We’ve got you covered! We can bring the puzzles to you with Suitcase Mystery and/or a special individually created team building workshop. If you want to ditch the conference room and explore the outdoors, our outdoor scavenger hunt in Osaka is an excellent choice. If you are hosting an online conference or you have team members in multiple cities, our online team building event might be right for you. And if you have an event you want us to customize, contact us and we will work with you to design an excellent plan for your needs.

Bilingual Team Building Service

We believe that language should never stop the ability of teams to grow together and bond. All of our programs and services are bilingual (Japanese and English). That means all the program materials used in our events and activities are written in both languages, and that our staff is also able to provide high-quality service in both languages as well. Don’t hesitate if you have a mixed-language team. We are here to assist you to make sure the event goes as smoothly as possible from beginning to end.
osaka team building
osaka team building events and activities

Osaka is the Perfect Place For Your Team Building Events

The megacity of Osaka offers buzzing shopping streets, historic landmarks, and mouth-watering dishes such as Okonomiyaki and Takoyaki, just to name a few of Osaka’s features. Invite Japan offers a variety of different team building activities in the city as well. No matter which type of event you are envisioning, Invite Japan has a program for you: corporate scavenger hunts throughout the streets and alleyways of Osaka and indoor events for your conference room, activities for a small team of ten and big events for hundreds of people. Osaka is perfect for any kind of team building event.

We can tailor all of our team building services to your needs & location.

Are you a team leader who’s looking for better employee engagement and in search of team building activities? we can help you make everything a lot easier!