Information Regarding Our Covid-19 Prevention Measures

Below is a summary of our company and staff policies and measures in regards to preventing the spread of Covid-19.

1. Telework policies and avoidance of congested traffic hours

All of our staff work remotely from home the majority of the time, unless it is necessary to come into the office. In those cases, commuting staff members are encouraged to avoid busy commuting hours when transportation may be congested.

2. Thorough prevention measures that we take at our office:

  • Staff members must wear a mask inside the office at all times.
  • Staff members must stay home when they report a fever.
  • Hand washing and sanitizing are encouraged.
  • Thorough ventilation of the office.

3. Prevention measures at in-person events

▼Sanitization and sterilization of all game kits

Before each each in-person event, we use disinfectant to sterilize and sanitize game materials against enveloped viruses (novel coronavirus, influenza, rubella,etc.) as well as non-enveloped viruses (norovirus, rotavirus, adenoviruses, etc.). 

▼Prevention measures taken by our staff

  • Staff members participating in the event take their temperatures on the day.
  • Staff members who feel unwell or who report a temperature must refrain from participating.
  • Thorough sanitization of hands and fingers using hand sanitizer.
  • Use of masks and coughing etiquette at all times for the duration of the event.

※ We will fully comply with any request for our staff members to receive negative PCR tests results before hosting the event.

▼Prevention measures at the event space

  • Hand sanitizer is provided for each team during the event.

※ Please let us know beforehand if you would like us to provide sanitation gloves for participants as well.

  • In addition to our regular ventilation measures, we will incorporate any further room ventilation requests that you may have.

Requests for participants at our events

1. Please be aware of your health status

If you experience coughing, sore throat, fever or any other unusual symptoms related to illness, please refrain from participating in the event.

2. Please wear a mask

We ask that you wear a mask when you participate at our events.

3. Please wash and sanitize your hands

We will provide hand sanitizer at our events, so we ask that you use it to prevent the spread of virus.

4. Please maintain appropriate social distancing

Please try to  practice safe social distancing while talking to other participants and engaging in the activities.

These measures are based on the guidance and recommendations of the Japanese government and administration. These measures may be adjusted or updated in response to any changes in the situation. We are sorry for any inconveniences, and we thank you for your understanding and cooperation.