Psychological Safety Workshop. Create a safe and caring workplace

Get to know your team members better, and eliminate the barriers that make you second-guess your work environment. Invite Japan will help you build a more robust, more cohesive work culture to make everyone happy at work.

Psychological Safety Workshop Overview

Our Psychological Safety Workshop enables you to create an environment where people feel comfortable taking risks. The workshop is designed to help individuals and teams develop the skills they need to feel safe when sharing new ideas. The workshop is interactive and includes activities that allow participants to practice the skills they learn. The workshop also consists of a debriefing session that allows participants to reflect on their experiences.

Our Clients Loved us!

This is a great place to go if your with friends. This is very challenging. I went there for a birthday party and even though we where 5 people it was really hard. At the end you have and amazing experience. Will never forget
Freyja Hofer

Fun place for team building. Three very interesting scenarios. They have English speakers who are very helpful. Must go up to the sixth floor using the elevator.

Michael McDonald
Excellent activity! The staff were super friendly and accommodating to our luggage. The instructions and challenges were made very clear. When we finally caved and asked for a hint the guide was prompt and encouraging! 10/10 Would recommend the Samurai level!
Andrew Haverstick

Benefits of Our Psychological Safety Workshop

Many employees are afraid to take risks and fail at work, or feel like it’s not safe to be vulnerable at work. High-performing teams are more likely to be safe places for risk-taking, creativity and vulnerability. Create a psychologically safe workplace with our training program.

Build Trust

Trust is a significant factor in psychological safety. Team members need to trust each other in order to be more open and share their opinions.

Less Fear

Fear is the main driving force for a lot of negativity at work. Fear of speaking out, fear of sharing ideas and fear of criticism can limit team members, and make them feel psychologically unsafe.

Communicate & Share

Real communication is about listening as well as speaking. Teams can be more open by listening to each other and getting an extensive range of perspectives. Communication also relates to how meetings are structured and who is allowed to speak.

Are you looking to build trust and create psychological safety? Invite Japan offers a range of workshops designed to help you build psychological safety within your organization.

Psychological safety is one of the essential elements of a productive office environment. Therefore, if you are trying to build office culture, psychological safety should be one of your top priorities.
The best way to make sure that a team member is feeling psychologically safe is by making them feel comfortable and valued as part of the team.
As a manager, finding ways to maintain psychological safety within your office is vital for your employees’ well-being and your company’s success. Invite Japan can help you create a psychologically safer work environment!