Team building services your team will love.

Let’s get your team working together and improving their communication. Create memorable team building events that your team will love and talk about for years to come! We’ve done the work for you to find the best activities to make your event truly stand out. Contact us today with your company’s goals and questions.  Let us find out more about how we can help you!

Get your team together with our team building services. In-person, virtual or hybrid!

Invite Japan offers interactive team building services for your team and creates lasting memories with our engaging and fun activities.

Virtual Team Building

Online team building, and puzzle-solving! Perfect for remote employees, company events, and more!

Hidden Secrets Journey

Solve puzzles around town in this outdoor scavenger hunt style game! Perfect for large groups, school events and even community events!

Suitcase Mystery

We deliver the suitcase puzzle to your office or conference room in this mobile game, where you have to solve the mystery hidden in the suitcase.

Team Building Plus +

Forge even stronger connections with the right tools! Our workshop is the perfect supplement to our other activities.

Custom Team Building

Customize your own events with special puzzles or challenges. We can help you add a little something extra to your event!

School Tantei

Strengthen relationships while they have fun solving puzzles! Students will learn how to cooperate while solving challenges that incorporate SDGs. 

Anger Management

A workshop for teams who are interested in learning how to control their anger and want to be able to resolve conflicts!


In our improv workshops, we infuse team building with improv! Our unique method of teaching allows teams to connect on a much more personal level and develop trust and respect.

Psychological Safety

Get to know your team members better, and eliminate the barriers that make you second-guess your work environment. Invite Japan will help you build a more robust, more cohesive work culture to make everyone happy at work.