Indoor Team Building Program

The Suitcase Mystery

Unleash your team’s potential with a refreshing, one-of-a-kind event they’ll never forget.

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The Suitcase Mystery Experience

A while back we had a client who wanted to come do a team building event with us, but was worried about moving 50 people across town. From this request, our indoor team building activity or The Suitcase Mystery was born. It can be really annoying to leave the office or conference center in the middle of a busy schedule. Invite Japan’s dispatch game “Suitcase Mystery” is designed to go where you are: at your office building, international center, or anywhere else! From a group of five people up to as many as you can fit in one room, we can accommodate any number of people (resetting the suitcases takes only a few minutes). We can also customize the puzzles and messages inside any way you want–your vision or corporate message can easily be included! When coworkers are actively engaged, it is easier for them to understand and accept each other. Our program is on a completely different level from passive, classroom-type learning. Instead, Suitcase Mystery forces players to be active, share opinions, and overcome barriers like age, language, and gender.

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What is Suitcase Mystery?

Your office becomes the game site!

We take our puzzle-filled suitcase anywhere you want

Teams have 60 minutes to complete their suitcase

1 kit (suitcase, instructions, hints) for every 5-6 players

We currently have 9 kits but can make more to fit your group. It’s more exciting when teams compete!

For really large groups, we can easily reset the kits and split the group into multiple time slots

Save time by not having to leave your office!

Recommended for...

Groups that want to have fun while team working

The suitcases are filled with a variety of different puzzles and challenges. The “key” is to share opinions and communicate in order to solve the puzzles and complete the suitcase. By combining your strengths as a team, you can utilize different aptitudes and skills and gain a sense of accomplishment at the conclusion The fun never ends! This a unique experience that has never been done before in Tokyo.

Groups that want to promote intergenerational communication/diversity

Anyone can do it: first-timers and experienced game veterans, men and women, Japanese and non-Japanese….everyone can combine their special fortes to succeed and produce results. It’s the stated goal for a many meetings, conferences, and exchanges, and yet the problem is how to get the ball rolling… That is where we come in. By working together towards a specific goal while having fun, team members will be active and engaged in communicating with each other. Even after the event is over the conversation won’t stop!

International and academic conferences, off site meetings, field trips and exchanges

In an increasingly globalized world, identical groups of people and uniform ideas are becoming less common and practical. Being able to create a sense of unity despite cultural and linguistic differences is the mark of achievement. Invite Japan proud of our international, multilingual staff. When combined with our high-quality customer service, we can handle any group and meet any need!


90/180 minutes

Suitcase Mystery


per person (+ tax)

Suitcase Mystery + Team Building Workshop


per person (+ tax)

A workshop can be included in the program (total 180 minutes). Please refer to the “Team Building Plus+” section of this website for more details. For events outside of Tokyo’s 23 wards, we request that you provide for the Suitcases’ shipping fees and our staff’s accommodation.

Game Flow


Pre-event Setup

Our staff will arrive 30-60 minutes before the start of the event in order to set up the suitcases and prepare.

Rule Explanation ~10 min.

Everyone gathers and divides into groups. Teams receive their suitcases and our staff will explain the rooms. ※ Company leaders or event organizers can give a speech of encouragement or pep-style talk at this point.

Start the Clock, It's Showtime~60 minutes

As soon as the starting signal sounds, teams have 60 minutes to complete the puzzle challenges. Will they make it?


Certificates / Group Photo ~20 minutes

Time’s up! Good job everyone The excitement doesn’t die down, as teams share their final time scores, achievements, and fun memories. Certificates are handed out. These are not just any old certificates. They might just contain one more challenge for your team to complete.

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