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Boost Teamwork and Problem-Solving Skills with Our Outdoor Team Building Activities

In today’s fast-paced business environment, building a strong team that can work together seamlessly is more important than ever. Our outdoor team building activities provide the perfect opportunity for your office-based and remote teams to come together, collaborate, and build a stronger community. With our expertly designed programs, you can improve teamwork and productivity while having fun and enjoying the great outdoors!

Transform Your Team's Performance with Fun and Engaging Outdoor Activities

Is your team struggling with communication, collaboration, or low morale? Is your team experiencing a sense of burnout or impatience with each other? These are common issues in today’s fast-paced work environments, where the pressure to deliver results often leaves little room for genuine connections and effective teamwork. The lack of cohesion in the workplace can lead to increased stress, reduced productivity, and a general sense of dissatisfaction among employees.

Constant friction and problems in the team environment that go unaddressed not only affect the quality of work but also take a toll on employee well-being, resulting in higher turnover rates and a decline in overall team performance.

We have the solution you need to turn things around: our expertly crafted outdoor team building activities. These exciting and engaging experiences are designed to help your team members break down barriers, improve their problem-solving skills, and foster a genuine sense of camaraderie.

Watch your teams transform as they face challenges together, learning to communicate more effectively and collaborate seamlessly. The outcome? A stronger, more unified team that is energized and motivated to tackle even the toughest projects with confidence and enthusiasm.
Ayaka, Yurie and Anna

Our Clients Loved us!

This is a great place to go if your with friends. This is very challenging. I went there for a birthday party and even though we where 5 people it was really hard. At the end you have and amazing experience. Will never forget
Freyja Hofer

Fun place for team building. Three very interesting scenarios. They have English speakers who are very helpful. Must go up to the sixth floor using the elevator.

Michael McDonald
Excellent activity! The staff were super friendly and accommodating to our luggage. The instructions and challenges were made very clear. When we finally caved and asked for a hint the guide was prompt and encouraging! 10/10 Would recommend the Samurai level!
Andrew Haverstick

Why Choose Us for Your Next
Outdoor Team Adventure?


Enhanced Leadership

Our programs are designed to enhance leadership skills through tasks and exercises that promote effective delegation, problem-solving, and decision-making.


Fun and Engaging

We craft all of our activities and puzzles to be as enjoyable as possible, creating positive and memorable experiences for your whole team.


Boost Confidence

Our outdoor team building activities require using problem-solving and critical thinking abilities as a team, leading to increased self-esteem and improved performance at work, as well as a greater sense of camaraderie.

Resolve Teamwork and Communication Problems with Our Expertly Designed Programs

Creative Problem-Solving

Our outdoor activities present teams with unique challenges that require innovative thinking and resourcefulness. Team members will learn to approach problems from different angles, brainstorming and experimenting with novel solutions. This type of creative problem solving is invaluable in the workplace, enabling teams to tackle complex projects and find effective solutions. Cultivating this ability ultimately leads to a more agile and adaptable team.


Shared Vision

Our events emphasize the importance of working towards a common goal, fostering a sense of unity and shared purpose among team members. As they collaborate to achieve objectives, teams develop a clearer understanding of their collective mission and values. This alignment translates to the workplace, where teams with a shared vision are more likely to succeed and drive the organization forward.


Time Management

Our outdoor team building events often involve time-sensitive objectives. Team members must strategize and prioritize to complete these challenges efficiently. Our activities therefore help participants develop and refine their time management skills, leading to increased productivity and effectiveness in the workplace.

Stress Reduction

Our outdoor team building events provide a break from the routine pressures of the workplace. By participating in enjoyable activities outside of the office environment, team members can relax and decompress as a group, reducing stress levels. This respite leads to a healthier work-life balance and increased employee well-being. Furthermore, lower stress levels contribute to better mental health and enhanced productivity in the long run.

leadership development

Photo Challenge

The Photo Challenge is an enjoyable, light-hearted addition to your indoor team building event that brings people together and creates a tangible keepsake of your experience. For the challenge, participants are encouraged to take five different group photos that showcase their team spirit and highlight the unique personalities within their group. This activity not only creates lasting memories but also serves as a great way to promote a sense of unity and camaraderie.

actionable result
key and lock

Experience the Benefits of Effective Teamwork

Effective teamwork is the foundation of success in any business, and our team building activities are designed to promote just that. Contact us to learn how we can help your team achieve success.

What is Hidden Secrets Journey?

Hidden Secrets Journey is an exciting and unique corporate team-building activity, which takes your team on a thrilling scavenger hunt through the streets, back-ways, and side-alleys of some of Japan’s most fascinating areas and cities. Working in teams of 5-6 people, you will get the chance to search for clues, solve puzzles, and discover hidden mysteries around landmarks, monuments and enigmatic statues.

This activity is perfect for groups both large and small. And since it is 100% bilingual, both Japanese and non-Japanese participants will be able to play together..

What sets Hidden Secrets Journey apart is its customizability. You can choose the number of people and add team mottos or slogans to the finale to create a personalized experience for your team. Plus, the activity provides an excellent opportunity to exercise both mind and body as you explore the city’s historical monuments and hidden gems.

The event flow includes an explanation of the rules and the distribution of game kits at the starting point, time to solve puzzles and explore the game area, and a wrap-up and final picture at the end. Hidden Secrets Journey will leave a lasting impression on your team, full of accomplishments, unity, and happy memories. So why settle for the same old team-building activities when you can embark on an unforgettable adventure with Hidden Secrets Journey?

Don’t wait, book your Hidden Secrets Journey experience today and uncover the mysteries scattered around Japan!

Hidden Secrets Journey Model Plan

group of 20 people

Standard Plan

Activity-focused plan (3 hours)
¥ 386,000〜 ¥19,300〜 /person
  • 「Hidden Secrets Journey」
  • Cost of dispatching facilitators and support staff

Premium Plan

Activity + Reflection Discussion (4 hours)
¥ 496,000〜 ¥24800〜/person
  • 「 Hidden Secrets Journey」
  • Post-Activity Reflection Discussion
  • Customize the discussion theme to match the event's theme and purpose
  • A more fulfilling plan combining Fun and Learning

The price per person will change depending on the size of the group.

1 Facilitator and 1 Support Staff to be dispatched to the location on the day are included in the price.

(Larger groups may require additional staff)

Price for the Reflection Workshop assumes that it will be conducted around the same area as the game.

(For Reflection Workshops that are conducted beyond this area, additional fees for staff transportation and dispatch will be required).

The costs for the venue/organization of the venue for the Premium Plan are not included.

Please let us know if you would like a specific estimate based on the details of your event.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! The game kits (instructions, maps, texts, hints, ect.) are all 100% bilingual in both Japanese and English. On top of that, we are also able to provide bilingual facilitation and staff support on the day of the event. 

Yes! Each team is given a different puzzle route. These routes are designed so that teams are spread out as much as possible and congestion doesn’t take place.

Yes, it is possible. We can postpone your event to up to two weeks after the date that your event was supposed to take place, depending on the schedule and staff availability. Many teams have enjoyed our game in the rain and cold  before, so please try to postpone only in the case of serious weather events.

The starting point is different depending on the location of the event and the desires and needs of your team. We will discuss with you what the best starting and ending points are for your event.

We have designed a hint system that can be used by teams to help them as they are solving puzzles. On each puzzle page there is a QR code that allows teams to access hints for finding and solving the puzzle.

Yes! We have an online ranking system that determines the ranking of the teams based on when they input the final answer.

There is one last, final  challenge that all the teams need to complete together at the ending location. After that, there is a final picture and wrap-up.