Virtual Team Building Activities For Remote Teams

We provide the tools and services to help make virtual team building a reality. With our innovative program, team members don’t need to be physically gathered in the same location in order to have a productive team building experience.

100+ Companies have enjoyed our team building activities

Many major companies have used our teambuilding techniques to boost performance and have came back for more! When office energy starts to slag, call on us for a fun teambuilding program that will give you an upgrade.

The Virtual Team Building Experience

Whether your team is just getting started with online meeting procedures or is already experienced with the nuances of connecting virtually, Invite Japan will meet your team where they are and take them further.
From the moment that participants log on to the program, your facilitator will be ready to support each member and make sure that everyone stays together and engaged.

Over the course of the program, attendees build on a series of tasks that quickly link together into a set of accomplishments, aimed at training them in using the technology they use for work in order to forge a more cohesive team.

online team bulding

Our Clients Loved us!

This is a great place to go if your with friends. This is very challenging. I went there for a birthday party and even though we where 5 people it was really hard. At the end you have and amazing experience. Will never forget
Freyja Hofer

Fun place for team building. Three very interesting scenarios. They have English speakers who are very helpful. Must go up to the sixth floor using the elevator.

Michael McDonald
Excellent activity! The staff were super friendly and accommodating to our luggage. The instructions and challenges were made very clear. When we finally caved and asked for a hint the guide was prompt and encouraging! 10/10 Would recommend the Samurai level!
Andrew Haverstick

Our Pricing

Tabitantei Puzzle Tour

Virtual Team Building Activities
¥ 6,600 per person
  • Participants: 3 ~ 80 People
  • Time: 90 Minutes
  • Tabitanei Puzzle Tour

Tabitantei Workshop

Tabitantei Workshop “Virtual Team Building + Workshop
¥ 13,200 per person
  • Participants: 3 ~ 80 People
  • Time: 180 Minutes
  • Extra team building activities included

One Day Plan

One Day Virtual Team Building Program
¥ 26,000 per person
  • Participants: 3 ~ 80 People
  • Time: 6 Hours
  • Extra team building activities included

Our Virtual Team Building Is Recommended for

It’s always a good time to reinforce the connections and bonds between your team members, even when it doesn’t seem like it. Just like our in-person events, Invite Japan Online Team Building allows participants to discover hidden skills, sharpen existing talents, and show off unique ways of contributing to team accomplishments. Presented using the convenient, easily accessible internet-based tools required for success in today’s remote workplace, participants will waste no time jumping in on the fun and engaging tasks at hand. Our facilitators make sure to stay on top of the latest platform updates and improvements, never letting the progress of technology come between your team and its potential.

Remote Teams

Virtual team building is a great tool to improve teamwork between your remote employees. No matter if your company has been working remotely from tall along or if you just recently established remote work, your team will improve trust and communication skills with our online activities. Team members can face group challenges from their homes, while using the online tools that they actually use to communicate with for remote work.

New Employees

Virtual team building is also a good way to introduce new hire(s) into the team. Given the current circumstances, it may be harder to welcome and incorporate new team members smoothly. A virtual team building event can provide the opportunity to cooperate in order to complete a variety of fun tasks and challenges, which will make their integration into the team much easier and prevents shyness and hesitant communication.

Mixed Teams

If your team is a mix of remote and on-site employees, or employees working in different countries, a virtual team building event is also a great way to ensure that your team members get to know each other. Good personal relationships among your team members will improve communication, productivity and focus. Depending on the activity, new skills can be taught in a fun and stress free environment.

What is Virtual Team Building?

A good team knows how to function under a variety of circumstances and dynamics. The current situation has caused major strains and shifts in how we work. Our homes have become our offices, and the little interactions with our co-workers that were essential for our productivity and our mental well-being may no longer be there. Even when teams are working far apart though, the right program can bring members closer together.

That is why Invite Japan has developed a new and exciting Online Team Building program. This web-based workshop combines our classic core elements of puzzle-solving and fun with content specifically catered to the current situation many teams are faced with: remote work, team-members spread apart, and the rise of teleconferencing.

As always, our priority is to help organizers achieve their own team-building goals during
events. Whether you need to improve communication, build bonds between members, or stimulate creative collaboration, we have the perfect plan for you.

Invite Japan Online Team Building programs incorporate:

  • Structured presentations outlining different components of teams.
  • Practical use of collaborative tools to bridge communication gaps.
  • Fun and surprising activities that are memorable and meaningful.
  • Broad scope of experience and insight into the mechanics of successful teams.
  • Customized features that highlight the unique targets of each organization.

Using the internet-based, conference applications that are vital for future success, Online Team Building is a convenient format in which all participants can meet teamwork challenges together.

Now, it is more vital than ever to create a connected and communicative team in order to ensure that a focused workflow is maintained while keeping frustrations low and contained. How your team deals with these issues now will affect how smooth the transition into the future will be.

Program Flow

Managing your team’s time is crucial. Our team of facilitators at Invite Japan are ready to create the perfect program that fits your logistical needs. While a typical Online Team Building timetable requires about 2 hours of dedicated, focused attention, your team may require a different set of logistics. Here are a few program options to consider.

Tabitantei Puzzle Tour

Teams explore different areas of Japan while hunting for ancient relics–all from their PCs and laptops. This brand new online team building program has teams of 4~6 work together on a variety of puzzles based on landmarks and interesting sights. This program incorporates technology and a focus on building strong relationships in a unique and engaging puzzle environment.

Participants:3~80 people
Time:90 min.
Price: ¥5,400/person(tax included)

Tabitantei Workshop

If your team is looking for more context, our workshop is available to supplement the Tabitantei game with presentations on the elements of successful team building and ways of processing the lessons learned during the activity. Extra team building activities are also included.

Participants:3~80 people
Time:180 min.
Price: ¥9,800/person (tax included)

Team Building One-Day Plan

This program combines online team building activities and stress management techniques for a full day of fun and learning. Shifting to remote work can sometimes be a stressful process for individuals and teams. This seminar gives ideas and advice on how to deal with some of the tensions that come with this shift, and how to adapt while moving forward together using communication, cooperation, and teamwork.

Participants:3~80 people
Time:6 hours
Price: ¥18,000/person (tax included)

Frequently Asked Questions

Many companies and organizations are shifting to remote work and international conferences are now virtual in order to limit overseas travel. 

Online team building is a way for organizations, teams, and conferences to incorporate team building activities into this new way of working in order to bring people closer. Players access the activities online from their PCs, whether at home or at an office. This widens the scope for participation, allowing players who are physically distant to still be able to strengthen relationships, learn more about team roles, and have fun together. 

Tabitantei is Invite Japan’s online team building program. The name comes from two Japanese words: tabi, which means “journey”, and tantei which means “detective”. The game allows players to solve puzzles together based on landmarks in different cities (Yokohama, Karuizawa, Sendai, and Asakusa) around Japan. The goal is to have fun traveling virtually around Japan and learning about different cities and landmarks, all without leaving your room.

Your team assumes the roles of archaeologists who have come to Japan to research special “Sacred Magatama” (stone beads). These magatama are said to hold mysterious power. As your team progresses from city to city, you are given different missions to complete. By solving the puzzles in each city, you will also be able to accomplish the missions and move on to the next city. 

The game uses:

  • ZOOM–for team communication (other video communication apps are possible)
  • MIRO–a white board application that teams will use to solve each puzzle together

Teams begin with a Google Sheet that contains links to all the puzzles, a link to a photo album of puzzle locations, and spaces to write in answers. Teams also have access to a puzzle map that shows the order in which they need to solve the puzzles.

For each puzzle, teams will search through photos that might help them solve the puzzles, and use the MIRO whiteboard tools to collaborate and find the solution. When they think they have found the right answer, they type the answer into the space provided on the Google Sheet to confirm that the solution is correct.

After the teams complete all the puzzles in a location, they can continue on their journey to the next location, completing as many puzzles as possible in the given time for the game.

Many companies and organizations are shifting to remote work and international conferences are now virtual in order to limit overseas travel. 

Online team building is a way for organizations, teams, and conferences to incorporate team building activities into this new way of working in order to bring people closer. Players access the activities online from their PCs, whether at home or at an office. This widens the scope for participation, allowing players who are physically distant to still be able to strengthen relationships, learn more about team roles, and have fun together. 

All players need to have a computer with a camera, a microphone and access to the Internet. We recommend using the Google Chrome web browser, as well as the ZOOM teleconferencing application (or another agreed-upon teleconferencing app) installed.
Keep in mind that players will be asked to manage links to different information and analyze puzzle details on the screen, so a computer that can comfortably handle multitasking is recommended. Also, if there are any team members in the same room, we suggest that they use headphones in order to block out any echo effects.

Our facilitators will be on hand to explain the mechanics of the game and to help you with technological issues. We can also provide a more detailed tutorial for how to use the various apps and technologies if your team requires it.

Groups of 2~250 can play