Secret Agent First Mission: Your Key to a More Productive, Collaborative, & Engaged Team

Even if your team is comfortable with collaborating online, the loss of motivation that can result from a prolonged state of remote work is a serious issue. There are times when your brain needs a bit of stimulation in order to generate new ideas.
Secret Agent

Our Clients Loved us!

This is a great place to go if your with friends. This is very challenging. I went there for a birthday party and even though we where 5 people it was really hard. At the end you have and amazing experience. Will never forget
Freyja Hofer

Fun place for team building. Three very interesting scenarios. They have English speakers who are very helpful. Must go up to the sixth floor using the elevator.

Michael McDonald
Excellent activity! The staff were super friendly and accommodating to our luggage. The instructions and challenges were made very clear. When we finally caved and asked for a hint the guide was prompt and encouraging! 10/10 Would recommend the Samurai level!
Andrew Haverstick

Benefits of Playing Secret Agent: The First Mission

We offer a one-of-a-kind immersive virtual team building experience. We use the latest technology for creating our virtual reality experiences,
all of which are created in-house by our team of game designers. Our unique, immersive virtual reality experiences will help you communicate your vision to your teams.

Keep Your Colleagues Engaged With Fun Activities

No matter what type of activity or expedition you are looking for, Invite Japan has you covered! From exploring hidden gems around the beautiful cities of Japan to puzzle solving games, there’s something for everyone.

Increase Employee Productivity

Regardless of your industry, Invite Japan can offer you a way to keep your employees engaged and motivated through our activities and expeditions. This not only increases their productivity, but also creates a happier working environment.

Fun Activities For All Occasions

At Invite Japan, we provide a wide variety of team building events that you can choose from – whether it’s an outdoor event or an indoor one, we have it all! 

Our Pricing

Secret Agent: The First Mission

Virtual Team Building Activities
¥ 6,600 per person
  • Participants: 3 ~ 150 People
  • Time: 90 Minutes
  • Secret Agent: The First Mission

Secret Agent: The First Mission Workshop

Secret Agent Workshop “Virtual Team Building + Workshop
¥ 13,200 per person
  • Participants: 3 ~ 150 People
  • Time: 180 Minutes
  • Extra team building activities included

One Day Plan

One Day Virtual Team Building Program
¥ 26,000 per person
  • Participants: 3 ~ 150 People
  • Time: 6 Hours
  • Extra team building activities included

Our Virtual Team Building Is Recommended for

Secret Agent: The First Mission provides an excellent opportunity for your team to engage in a fun, exciting, and productive activity online. In addition to improving communication and fostering creativity, participants also get to play the role of an international spy team!

Remote Teams

Secret Agent: The First Mission can be an effective means of improving teamwork among remote employees. Your team will strengthen their trust and communication skills with our online activities, whether your company has been working remotely from the beginning or you just recently started implementing a remote or hybrid system. And because the game is designed for remote teams, team members can participate in our group challenges using the online tools they use for remote communication, all from the comfort of their own homes.

New Employees

Our Secret Agent activity is also a great way to introduce new employees to the team. Due to the current circumstances, it may be difficult to welcome and integrate new team members smoothly. The experience of a virtual team building event like Secret Agent allows new employees to interact with other team members to perform diverse tasks and challenges, which will make their integration into the team more frictionless, while preventing shyness and hesitant communication.

Mixed Teams

If your team is made up of both on-site and remote employees, or employees living in different countries, Secret Agent: The First Mission could also be an ideal way to ensure that your employees get acquainted and learn to work together. A good working relationship among your colleagues will improve communication, productivity and focus. Additionally, team members have the chance to acquire new skills together in a fun and stress-free environment!